Pure geometry The classic smoke hood, which one still comes across in old country houses, used to be defined by its function. It was built directly above the cooking area to provide an exit for steam and smoke. The design of Conus interprets such a clearly defined use in an innovative manner. Taking its inspiration from the pointed model of the 1970s, this cooker hood transforms the formal example of the traditional smoke hood into a conically shaped object with a geometric appearance. Here, clear and simple lines are combined with user-oriented functionality, and are an expression of the specific purism of Danish design. The conical and rounded shape of the cooker hood is closely linked to its performance. The conic construction of Conus enhances the effectiveness of innovative, patented filter technologies by substantially increasing the extraction function. The filter technology, which takes care of the entire cooking area, is integrated seamlessly into the body of the cone and ensures very effective extraction. Another user-friendly feature of the conical shape is that it is very easy to clean and is suitable for all types of kitchen architecture. The very well-thought-through concept of Conus is carried through to the control panel, which is beautifully integrated into the conical shape, making it easily accessible and even easier to clean.

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