Capture is the first cooktop intergrated range hood that can also illuminate whole cooking area. Capture blends all cooking functions in one surface with the aim of providing complete cooking experience.
When it is not used, Capture blends into the cooking surface seamlessy. When it is on, capture elevates to the exact height that ensures maximum fume capture and ergonomic lighting of cooking area. Angled surfaces of stainless steel body illuminates both cooking areas with the best angle. Capture has 4 induction cooking areas, double sided ventilation and double sided illumination. Angled form of the hood body provides maximum extraction performance for each sides.
Capture has fully removable internal chamber a dn filter system that can be washed in dishwasher. Any kind of water leakage is prevented thanks to removable chamber system.
Thanks to its hybrid structure both range hood and cooktop can be installed in one step. Capture is compatible with internal and external motor use.

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