The Whirlpool dishwasher offers an exceptional combination of Innovation, Functionality, and Aesthetics. It conveys a leading edge design by featuring a new premium user interface that enhances the user experience thanks to its dual TFT displays. A display set on the top of the dishwasher provides perfect ergonomics and is complemented by a second colored display on the front of the machine that gives an at a glance view of the status of the appliance. The intuitive display also offers a higher level of information such as real time energy consumption and advanced scheduling options, to meet all consumers’ needs. This system offers excellent usability and simple, direct navigation thanks to its distinctive touch UI. Innovation is also embodied in the 6th sense feature which allows cycles and performances to be optimized based on the level of soil of the dishes. The groundbreaking 6th sense technology delivers outstanding results and meets in the Whirlpool dishwasher an elegant innovative design.

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