Due to the uniqueness of Chinese eating habits,leading to the particularity of Chinese market demand for dishwashing equipment.We need to design a new dish washing product for Chinese users.
Sink Dishwasher is a new type of kitchen washing appliances,it combines the traditional dishwasher with sink,integrated the form and function, and becomes a more functional product.This product is designed for Chinese users to match their cooking habits.It can deep clean the dirt of Chinese tableware and also can wash garden stuff.
Compared with the traditional European dishwashers,the product creates new values for Chinese users.
1. Most Chinese kitchen space is limited,only 4-6 square meters.It is convenient installation and matches the needs of Chinese kitchen space.
2.Chinese prefer to use deep bowls than plates, and the bowls is few each meal. This product is suitable for Chinese family eating habits, it can clean bowls very well.
3. Compared with the traditional dishwashers,This product washes faster,more water-saving and cleaner than hand washing.
4. Purification of garden stuff,remove pesticide residues to help the Chinese people eat more securely.

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