Arda S series dishwasher is a brand-new in-built dishwasher. Now considering the real-life users’ experience, the screen should be designed as an oblique plane for operating easily. The idea of oblique plane is also applied to other products in the Arda S series, refining the user experience, while adding the visual impact. Beyond that, clever fusion of operation interface and handle would make the products more clean and well-wit. The glass-over faceplate is easier to clean, and has highlighted the high-end quality. The Arda series dishwater has adopted the new satellite spray system with a large spraying range thus leading no hidden corners and easy to clean. The Arda S series has selected water pump from aboard which can spray the high-temperature and high-pressure water column constantly to remove stubborn stains efficiently. The design of touch screen would bring you the experience of high-tech.

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