FOTILE’s unique sink dishwasher combines dishwasher, sink and fruit and vegetable cleaning machine as one, solving many tough problems of Chinese kitchen besides cleaning dishes and removing pesticide residues of fruits and vegetables. Sink Dishwasher Q6, as a brand new three-sink product, owns a better appearance and enhances cleaning experience.
Q6 applies double-pump frequency conversion technology and provides circulating hot water to ensure the sterilization rate of 99.99%, being more efficient. Creative design of three separated sinks enable users to wash tableware and fruits and vegetables in different sinks, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of fruits and vegetables and removes over 90% of the pesticide residues. Flat door communicates a more beautiful appearance and exquisite faucet shows sense of quietness and elegance. The door will automatically open once the key is gently touched, which is easy to operate. Small bevels around the sinks better drain off water and prevent stains.

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