FOTILE Sink Dishwasher is a brand new tradition-subversion category of kitchen appliance which has 3-in-1 function that integrates kitchen sink, dishwasher, and fruit&vegetable cleaning machine with both practical function and minimalist design, which not only saves kitchen space, but also fully conforms with intrinsic layout of water route in kitchen construction, achieving perfect fusion of electrical appliance and kitchen environment. Original technology of “Hand Washing Simulation++”.It takes only 28 minutes, and just need about 6L water each time which can reduce the energy consumption and realize kitchen cleaning intelligence, automation and environmental protection. Unique “High-frequency Ultrasound + Turbulence” technology effectively remove more than 90% chemical substances makes fruits and vegetables safer and healthier. The innovative cap open method conforms with the human body engineering and the flexible bowl rack specifically designed for Chinese tableware can adapt to vast majority of Chinese families. The stainless steel craft is manual grinding presents elegant and noble quality of product, making it the visual center of the kitchen, pleasing to the eyes

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