JURA sets off on a new taste journey JURA has entered completely unchartered territory with the new Z6. Its unprecedented coffee quality across the entire speciality spectrum and a self-explanatory operating concept with many customisable options make the Z6 an impressive choice. And what’s more, it even features automatic filter detection technology. The sophisticated around design with its clean, expressive shapes and the meticulous attention to details makes a statement of good taste. The recessed water tank creates a slimline look while the subtle, elegant aluminum finish serves to accentuate the curved front panel of the premium coffee machine. All control elements can be accessed from the front for convenience, and even the processes of removing the water tank and refilling the beans are completed from the front to save time, effort and space. As coffee is 98 percent water, the elegant water tank illumination accentuates just how important the ideal water quality is for achieving the perfect coffee result, and this is illustrated perfectly by the additional cup illumination feature.

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