WMF Coffee Time

Most people cannot do without one thing in the morning: a hearty breakfast with a hot cup of aromatic coffee. If you like to conjure up freshly brewed coffee for the breakfast table, you will love the French coffee press from the “WMF Coffee Time” collection. It makes brewing coffee an astoundingly simple task. Tasteful, modern and elegant, the French coffee press turns the morning cup of coffee into a truly pleasurable experience.

The double-walled body of the jug is made from heat-resistant glass. Attached to the black plastic lid is a rod, at the end of which is a sieve with a honeycomb structure. What’s amazing about the coffee press is that the strength of the coffee can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.
The Coffee Time collection includes another coffee jug — the Light Brew — which separates the coffee powder from the water by means of more than 50,000 holes. A full-mouthed coffee aroma is created during the time that the coffee and the water remain in contact. The matching sugar bowl, creamer, coffee cups, latte macchiato glasses, coffee containers and tray help to create an elegant setting.

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