VA388 combines high value materials and the accuracy of details guaranteed by craftsmanship, with the most innovative technologies that are opening up new frontiers for the whole world of coffee.

In VA 388, for the first time in an espresso coffee machine, are both “T3” and “Gravimetric” technologies. The first ensures thermal stability, the second always provides the right amount of coffee in the cup. The combination of these two technologies means the barista can ensure a consistently excellent espresso, personalized by enhancing the features and aromas of each type of coffee.

VA388 celebrates the function of design. Recalling the tradition of Victoria Arduino, the innovative and well-finished lines of VA388 enhance the beauty of a machine for every setting, suitable for every location.

After making the history of espresso in the 20th century, in the 21st century Victoria Arduino is designing the future.

The new Victoria Arduino, is a sustainable machine, despite offering the highest level of performance, it manages to do this with an eye to saving energy.

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