The TopBrewer is the worlds first and only machine that has a fully integrated under-counter design, where all you see is the graceful sweep of the above-counter stainless steel tap. With this graceful design in mind, the machine has built in Bluetooth to be fully controlled by a iOS or Android app, giving you complete control over your beverage; strength, size, no of cups – and saves the preferences in endless combinations to your favorites. It even notifies you when it’s out of beans or milk!
Coffee, perfectly frothed milk, water: instant hot or cold w-w/o bubbles. With the adjustable tap all cup sizes are reachable: espresso to carafe and it’s kept hot or cold with the innovative insulated design.
Coffee quality is worthy of a barista with the metal brewing mechanism, that brews freshly, precision ground beans with an unparalled finesse due to precise tamper & pump pressure and temperature. It’s green too, with 1 watt standby and ready-to-hot in 40 sec. The milk-frothing is world class, with air and steam added in the right amounts – cleaning after each drink. The compressor fridge is the worlds smallest of it’s kind, with both milk storage and ICE-bank system for cold water.

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