Time is a compact espresso coffee machine, simple to use, intuitive and funny. Thanks to the technology of the timer system, this equipment offers a unique and innovative solution to the market by making it possible to customise the coffee volume without using any electronics. It is also possible to choose a manual mode. This technology is patent pending. This is the first and only espresso coffee machine that works with only one button. This solution changes the espresso coffee machine paradigm and brings a simpler, easier and long-life interface to the market. The lever was developed to avoid extra force and the capsule window has an anti-error design, which means the user will never add the capsule incorrectly. The water tank enables direct filling or taking off and filling the tank out of the machine. The cup tray has two possible positions and ensures the optimisation between the extraction nozzle and the espresso cup of around 70mm in order to reach a perfect espresso. The lower position enables the use of long cups or glass. The power cord is hidden and stored under the machine and allows the user to unroll part of it according to the needs.

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