It is an organized, storable and user-friendly product set that combines two functions in a single platform for environments like offices and houses where two functions are used. Tea and coffee create a new product category that complies with its sophisticated form in modern environments. Basic architecture of the product consists of simple and clear lines and they are different from each other with sharp lines in plastic and metal parts. It is a user-friendly product with its easily grasped handles, auto-illuminated thermostat button and water gauge that makes it possible to perceive water amount. This product made it possible to bring coffee and tea together, which are different but complete each other, and combine two hot beverage functions in a single platform.Advantages of satisfying hot beverage needs with a single product in houses and offices provide space and a compact usage to the users. Fast and slow options for coffee provide alternative choices for users. Foam sensor that prevents coffee from spilling eliminates the obligation of waiting next to the machine.In the same way, herbal tea and normal tea options in the tea machine provides alternative choices to the users.

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