A contrast of jet black and brilliant white is anything but dull. The Siamonie Smart ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting the demands of the office environment: it is attractive, economical and effective. Coffee pleasure with elegance. Its low installation height enables the instant containers to be filled with ease even when the machine is sited underneath a wall unit. A special feature is the wide viewing angle 7“ touch display with high resolution, splendid picture quality and LED-background lighting. Generous disc space is available for playing videos and slide shows. On the inside sophisticated technology and ease of operation harmonise perfectly. A distinguishing feature of the Siamonie Smart is its well thought-out internal workings. Every component and assembly is easily accessible and simple to clean. The horizontal brewer, developed by Sielaff, guarantees quality, cleanliness and reliable operation. The high-performance grinder gently processes the coffee beans to produce the best possible release of aromas. Made in Germany – for quality, expert service advice and individual customer focus.

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