The new “ThreeSixty” Schärf coffee machine demonstrates advanced revolutionary technology in its most beautiful form, reduced to the essentials. “ThreeSixty” stands for the simplest of all forms: the circle, encircling everything, self-contained, endless. Three hundred sixty degrees of pure perfection, whether as a perfect circle or in the more spacious form of an oval. No corners, no edges, yet unique in expression, emotion, ergonomics and simplicity. The cylinder and its inner piston, both three-dimensional manifestations of the circle, become elements that are decisive for design and that allow the globally unique Schärf piston technology, itself concealed, to be translated to the outside through a form language. The advanced technology of the “ThreeSixty” makes unprecedented parameters possible, enabling the coffee product to be experienced in a completely new dimension. “Less is more” and “form follows function” are two design principles that have made history.  The “ThreeSixty” from Schärf upholds this tradition.

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