To brew the perfect cup of coffee, precise water temperature and contact time with coffee is required. Traditional brewers use rudimentary boilers that lack temperature control, severely overheating the coffee. A manually adjustable aperture is typically used to adjust contact time over–extracting the coffee or flooding the basket completely. The Breville Precision Brewer solves these problems through numerous technical innovations. A pump driven, PID controlled thermocoil provides precise & stable temperatures for the duration of the brew cycle. The system is adjustable in 1C increments offering unprecedented brewing control at lightning speed able to brew 1.8L under 7 mins. The Patent Pending “Steep & Release” system monitors the tank volume & automatically controls the contact time to provide optimum extraction regardless of brew volume. Without heat this system also enables Cold Brew, steeping the coffee for hours then automatically dispensing at the desired time. Both Cone and Flat Bottom Filters can be used in the unique dual-format basket. A pour-over adapter kit further expands functionality allowing the consumer to brew a single cup to a full carafe using the ideal filter

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