The first reusable coffee capsule for NESPRESSO which can be sent in a small envelope: A Swiss Innovation made of medical stainless steel that fits in any NESPRESSO machine high-precision quality design and lasts for a lifetime. The capsule can be filled with any coffee such as fairly traded coffee. Compared with disposable NESPRESSO capsules up to EUR 80 per 1 kilo coffee can be saved. No aluminium particles or other unhealthy pollutants enter the body. No more waste compared to the annual 8 billion Nespresso capsules per year (number rising). For ecologic shipping in a small envelope the capsule was constructed in 3 parts that are screwed together.

2th best Start Up in Switzerland 2013

GAMMA capsule:eco champion Germany ( Ökotest Magazin Oktober 2013)

Nominated in Top 3 for GreenTec Award 2015 (Europe’s largest Environmental and Business Prize)

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