Majesto is a coffee machine designed for small offices and businesses. Its design combines the technical, hygienic and practical requirements of a company machine with the characteristics of the Dolce Gusto brand. It includes a large watertank for practicality, and an intuitive screen interface for ease of use. Moreover, there is a possibility to connect the machine directly to the water system. All these features are contained in a compact and aerial machine.
When facing it, the user is facing a black and a red floating circle. The body of the machine disappears behind them. The beverage centers it all, color and light both emphasizing the staging effect. Metallic rims add a sophisticated touch to the ensemble. Thus, we put forward the iconic round Dolce Gusto shape. And its coffee is delicately showcased like a pearl in its shell.
The result is this bubbly yet sleek and premium look, created to brighten up the workplace.

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