Lulu’s Hand allows every coffee lover to enjoy their favorite beans to the fullest. Proprietary valve design provides simple and precise drip-control. Anyone can reliably brew a great tasting cup of coffee, and the experienced / adventurous / experimental can have tons of fun playing with different brewing options. Reusable stainless filter avoids the bleached paper flavor of most paper filters from ending up in your cup, while allowing the fragrant and tasty oils to pass through. It is also much better for the environment. Unique separated reservoir allows for both drip and immersion brewing. Lulu’s Hand offers the widest range of possible brewing variations in a single coffee maker.

In the product shape design, the external shape is revised to a more elegant curves and also keeps the traditional impression (“inverted triangle shape”) for a coffee filter cup. Transparent plastic and stainless steel are combined to create a the beauty of “false or true“ visual aesthetic for echoing in the wonderful taste experience. It also allows the user to observe the size of the water drip.

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