The design concept of the new filter coffee machine series Look IV, with the clarity of its form, fits very well into the design environment of the modern kitchen.
The clear, compact appearance visualises the filter process and makes it tangible. The artistic emphasis of the conical filter, which follows the classic form of a coffee filter, consciously distinguishes itself from the basic housing with its size and dominance. It tapers like an hourglass, under which a seemingly protected space opens out in which the soft shape of the glass pot receives the freshly brewed coffee.
The hotplate, the filter holder and the glass pot create, with their rotationally symmetric body, the expressive centre of the machine. The restrained design of the basic housing consisting of water tank and base create the surrounding context and make possible optimal access for the full operation of the machine. The Aroma Selector as the focus of the upper part allows you to change the taste of the coffee.
The clear division in the surfaces of high gloss plastic for the basic housing and the emphasis on the central elements of stainless steel, underlines the high quality and the sculptural effect.

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