Lavazza has developed a complete new premium range especially for the professional segment. Inovy Compact is one of those machines – intended for offices. The design is establishing Lavazza’s form language in this segment. It has a slightly more serious, professional expression compared to Lavazza’s domestic machines. Nevertheless, the design is still recognizably Italian in surfacing, details and finish. This new family of products distinguishes itself through a glossy exterior shell wrapped sensually around the main body, playing in a sophisticated manner with light/reflections and showing a prominent three-dimensional Lavazza logo on the side. Inovy Compact has a circular touch interface, a single spout and the height of the cup rest can be adjusted with a lever at the bottom. White light, metal accents and a horizontal pattern are other important elements. Elogy is a special version of the machine for private users and is catering to a different business channel using a different capsule. It offers the possibility for double espresso preparation with a flexible rotating spout. In this case the cup rest has been simplified to offer space for two cups simultaneously.

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