The Melitta® AromaFresh is the perfect device to prepare filter coffee. Thanks to the integrated grinder the coffee beans are freshly grinded. The degree of grinding and the coffee intensity are easy to adjust which allows you to create delicious filter coffee the way you prefer. Due to the transparent water tank it is easy to create the requested amount of coffee (up to ten cups). It is also possible to switch of the grinder if you like to use ground coffee instead of coffee beans. With the AromaFresh Melitta® provides a high quality device, with stainless steel elements, that has all necessary features like enjoyment, quality and freshness. The design concept is very concise: It is a technical-smart device with a high surface quality and visceral concept of action. The main focus of the design intention was on the sculptural integration of two different functional areas (grind and brew) in one harmonic shape. The result of that is a design which connects a classy sculpture with control areas that are visceral to use.

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