The DP3000 coffee machine uses an originally developed pod-type coffee capsule. It is designed for use in all places from hotels or restaurants to office work spaces or receptions, fitting in well with any interior. Anyone can easily make an authentic quality cup of drip-brewed coffee without help from the staff. After brewing the finished pod is automatically retrieved inside the machine without any mess.
The machine has three primary design features; the first is the sleek GUI design guiding smooth usage, with different background colors for brewing and setup navigation, clearly indicating modes to prevent misusage. The second is the illuminated water window adding a luxurious mood and displaying water amount at the same time. The third is the control of color, material and texture to draw attention to the parts manipulated by the end user. The large symbolic handle and the OK button are designed to stand out, with all other parts having subdued form and colors, navigating intuitive use. The main body has a simple rectangular form, taking minimal space and allowing the addition of units on both sides, such as barcode readers or payment units for prepaid cards or coins.

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