The barista experience is now even more achievable at home thanks to the launch of Creatista Plus. Coffee aficionados with a penchant for hot milk-based recipes will be able to conveniently create everything from a classic creamy Cappuccino through to a velvety smooth Flat White or a Latte that they can top with beautiful latte art, all in the comfort of their own home.

Creatista Plus does the hard work for you: after selecting your preferred coffee, simply fill the provided milk jug and place it on the temperature sensor. The milk is then automatically heated to the ideal temperature and the steam wand froths it to the perfect texture for your selected drink.

The machine comes equipped with a menu of milk-based recipes with different foam textures, temperatures and quantities but users can also personalise the settings of their coffee from the intuitive menu.

The machine offers a wide range of features all designed to enrich the coffee experience:
• Adjustable automatic milk texturing for Flat White, Cappuccino, Café Latte and Latte Macchiato. Generates ‘micro-milk foam’ which is essential for latte art.
• Intuitive, user interface with its high-resolution display guides

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