For many consumers a built-in coffee machine is part of their dream kitchen. ATAG is proud to present this new Magna coffee machine, which supplements the line of Magna ovens and drawers in a beautiful way.
It has everything you will expect from a premium coffee machine:
-High quality of materials and perfectly crafted details, aligned with the design of the adjoining built-in ovens. The control is through a touch screen, with the same design as the touch screen of the ovens. The coffee outlet is detailed with a metal profile, which adds to a qualitative tactile experience. The drip tray is of st. steel and is illuminated with 4 LED’s, to emphasize and make a delight of the coffee making experience.
-The coffee experience is much more personalized through the variety of choices (16 in total), from latte macchiato till espresso. The user friendly menu guides you to your personal choice.
-Many individual settings and favorites can be easily saved per user profile.
-A convenient easily detachable thermal milk jug of st.steel. The milk stays longer fresh through the insulation. Hot water for tea can be obtained from the steam pipe, as well as steam to heat up milk or other liquids

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