Classe 11 USB Xcelsius is a top-range, professional espresso machine, designed to satisfy high standards in terms of ergonomics, user-friendliness and reliability. Inspired by Smartphones, the user interface offers a new visual experience.
The stylistic core of Classe 11 is the control panel in tempered glass which is entirely activated by multi touch capacitive technology.
The graphical elements are back-printed to ensure that they withstand wear and tear. Icons are clear and user-friendly. The surface is smooth and easy to clean.
With the Snap&Share App and the QR-code technology, the user can interact with the machine using his smartphone.
The housing made of die-cast aluminium with a metallic paint finish that communicates a strength and dynamic personality.
The group covers present a form to facilitate the positioning of the filter holder. Multicolour LEDs have been inserted in the front of the group covers to understand the operational phases of the machine.
The work surface provides plenty of space to operate comfortably.
Classe 11 is the first coffee machine with speakers. Thanks to the graphical display, the barista may show videos.
Classe 11 has energy saving functions.

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