The Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an early-to-market offering helping to drive the fast-growing cold brew category and offers consumers a quick and easy solution to making customized cold brew coffee from the comfort of their own home. The compact design yields delicious cold brew and conveniently fits inside a refrigerator door while the non-slip silicone base prevents it from moving around. The base of the brew filter unscrews for effortless cleaning in the dishwasher. The plastic cage was specially designed for protection of the glass and to create a stronger, ergonomic handle for easy handling and pouring. The lid features a silicone gasket and a slotted opening that prevents the beverage from spilling or leaking while pouring from the drip-free pour spout. The filter easily snaps into place in the lid to prevent it from moving around while preparing or brewing.
The easy-to-use product allows the consumer to add coffee to the filter, add water to the carafe and then steep until it reaches the desired strength, and the all-in-one design allows for brewing and serving from the same container. The Burke is transforming today’s fast-growing cold brew category for coffee fans.

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