The BaristaONE espresso machine is the first hybrid portafilter machine that integrates the innovative Miracle Milk Foam technology for two sorts of milk and milk foam in different densities and temperatures. BaristaONE combines the qualities of a traditional portafilter with those of a fully automatic espresso maker.

Two brewing groups, four grinders and four bean containers enable the user to make up to four espresso simultaneously. Automatic grinder calibration and dosage guarantee perfect extraction for outstanding quality in every cup. The modular machine construction enables the Plug&Play Service for uniquely fast and easy exchange of spare parts by courier.
The design of BaristaONE rounds the hybrid concept off: Classy espresso making meets contemporary technology. Two levers start the brewing process and resemble the traditional Italian espresso makers; a high-resolution 10”-display provides an easy-to-use interface and is proof of the state-of-the-art technology integrated in BaristaONE. Illuminated bean containers emphasize coffee competence and knowledge.

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