Arzum OKKA is a Turkish Coffee Machine, cooking and serving Turkish coffee with its foam directly into the cup.
Turkish coffee is the world’s oldest method of making coffee. The most characteristic and distinctive feature of Turkish coffee is the way it is cooked and served with its foam and coffee grounds. In traditional way, Turkish coffee is cooked with copper coffee pot and served by pouring to coffee cup manually.
Breakthrough innovations of Arzum OKKA are, cooking Turkish coffee with its traditional taste and serving it with its foam and grounds directly to cup by patented “direct-to-cup” serving system.
Preferred amount of Turkish coffee and sugar (if any) are added in to the brewing chamber and then preferred amount of cups (One or Two cup(s) option) are selected from the control panel. After selection, Arzum OKKA takes water automatically from the water chamber, cooks and serves Turkish coffee directly into the cup.
Additionally, the product has slow cooking feature (5-6 min), three different cup sizes selection and self-cleaning feature.
Furthermore, designs from traditional patterns of Turkish coffee culture, and copper color are used in the design of Arzum OKKA.

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