The design concept of the AromaElegance is characterised by the practical structuring of the machine design into functional areas and individual elements which are aesthetically and comprehensibly connected to one another. The innovative layout of the machine is oriented towards the user and thereby supports the operational concept: Every step for the use and operation of the machine in the coffee preparation process is presented in an open and obvious way. The visualisation of the basic functions water, coffee filter, coffee and technical unit, outwardly expressed by the form and design, results in a machine concept which is as elegant as it is functional. Combined with an innovative synthesis of technical details, which meet user needs for the perfect development of coffee aroma and the capability for individual settings, a new standard has been set for preparing filter coffee.

Easy access to all features, simple cleaning and the ability to work harmoniously with the machine in interaction with the architectural form generates an aesthetic user experience. Superior surfaces of high gloss plastic and brushed stainless steel support the form and excellence of the overall concept.

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