The assembled group of furniture for a kitchen “Synthesis” is an unusual interpretation of the Art Deco style.
Despite the modern emphasis, the project possesses its own features, characteristic of the Art Deco age: severe lines, marked geometrical shapes, the use of luxurious materials of a high quality, such as veneer of rare sorts of wood, stainless steel, the high-gloss varnish surface.
The so – called ‘bridge’ leaning onto the rack unites the by-wall block with the ‘island’ and zones the kitchen in a large space.
The racks with the depth of 150 mm for keeping different table – service, as well as flavors are inserted In the active zone of the assembled group on the right and left of the water point. The racks are opened and closed with the help of the sliding panels below, made of stainless steel. Two variants of producing are possible:
– a manually sliding panel;
– sliding with the help of the mechanisms by pressing a button.
The main distinctive feature of the model is a high level of comfort, which is achieved by the technical innovations, strict luxury, which is expressed in using of expensive materials of high quality as well as elegant technologies.

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