Inspired by simplicity. Invented for game-changers.

Living and working, luxury and simplicity, high performance and slow food – in today’s culture, different aspects of our lives continue to merge. Surrounded by complexity, people start to yearn for tranquility, clarity and inspiration in their surroundings.

For those top performers, innovators and unconventional thinkers, SQR was created. A compact cube, converging cooking and dining, celebrating and studying in one puristic, 132cm x 132cm, perfectly defined form.

Beneath its surface, we find an induction stove, cable ports and storage, to be pulled out smoothly from the cube – a space saving technique that creates new capacities in narrow urban apartments.

Using elegantly integrated switches, SQR will adjust its height for an ergonomic position, fitting any situation. All functionalities are designed for intuitive operation and vanish subtly behind Square’s minimalistic aesthetics.

By concentrating on its most essential characteristics, SQR adopted a stringent formal language, thereby defining a space that inspires: to recollect your energy and invest it into some ground-breaking, square thoughts.

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