In a world where customers are constantly looking for more and more personalisation, SCHMIDT has taken up the challenge of offering an even greater choice. What customers want most of all is to buy a made-to-measure and personalised kitchen.
When we talk about the aesthetic customisation of a kitchen, we usually refer to a selection of colours for the fronts, worktops and splashbacks. But SCHMIDT also offers a selection of carcase colours.
In 2017, SCHMIDT is launching ONIX COLOR, a new concept for the interior of all its pull-out units that is unique on the market. ONIX COLOR is the range of decor panels for the new ONIX drawers in the colours of the collection. Even the interior of the units is customised.
What makes ONIX COLOR new, or even innovative, is the fact that customers can choose between the 32 colours in the SCHMIDT collection. This enables customers to enjoy perfect or totally surprising harmony.
ONIX COLOR goes beyond aesthetics to create a heart-stopping emotion every time customers open a SCHMIDT unit.

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