50 years ewe kitchen / 2017 allows us to look proudly back at our company history and celebrate our 50 years anniversary. Ewe took this successful path with conviction: From the beginning, consistent quality and a unique design should not be a contradiction. These include sophisticated room concepts, unique innovations or ongoing improvements in maximum comfort. To celebrate this special occasion, we have designed the anniversary model ewe50.
ewe50 in a mix of white and anthracite matt lacquers supported by the warmth of veneered panelling & snack bar in caramel oak, the crispness of marbled laminated tops, the refined austerity of elements in graphite steel and smoky Parsol glass. A subtle vertical
angle on the door edge locates perfectly with a similar profile on a side panel resulting in a minimalist feel to the whole kitchen. Note on the tall bank how the facias and side panels descend to within a short distance of the floor. State-of-the-art equipment is provided by a solid oak drawer insert for the storage of bread an pastries, a high-tech LED light system, a wireless QI phone charger built into the surface of the counter top and antisymmetric metal shelves.

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