ABT-107 Bar table is installed in Alveolus Mangwon designed in maintaining material properties. The table is centered in the space by important role in community dinning. For that reason, it is the highest in the house and made of the most brilliant material.

The two materials that make up the table are very contrasting. First of all is stainless steel that is a non-rusting material with a pure metal feel. Hairline pattern of stainless steel shows the steel by one self and especially when to meet light reveals its style. Second, White Oak not only make more comfortable and warmer but also more attractive on design, In contrast to the cold feeling of the steel. Theses values from materials is better when natural light through the south window of the space.

the details have one perfect shape with completely different material and shape. Meeting materials of different densities gives a feeling of attractive tension. In addition, this design without middle legs shows the strength of metal and provides convenience of users. Everything always is designed to fit the position for capsule coffee & tea, cutlery Set and tablewares

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