GROHE Blue Home: A beautiful and intelligent system that transforms water into an experiential beverage solution. Form and function have come together in GROHE Blue Home, combining all the advantages of a high-end kitchen tap and a sophisticated under counter water cooler and filter that delivers water straight from the tap – still, medium and full sparkling.
GROHE Blue Home has been designed with two components – the first is the aesthetic centerpiece of the kitchen tap. The second is placed below the counter where the BLUE HOME technology filters, chills and carbonizes for drinking.
During development, we intended to improve the following:
Space- Extra space in the fridge is in short supply. GROHE Blue Home eliminates the need to store water and the need to store empty bottles.
Savings- An average family can reduce water expenses by more than 50% in comparison to bottled water.
Sustainability- The University of Göttingen carried out in-depth research that made comparisons of CO2 emissions. The result: A reduction of 61% vs. bottled water.
Our intent was to create an experiential beverage solution. In reality, we have redefined the packaging for water: no packaging at all.

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