WABI Tea strainer
This tea strainer is a thing of the type not using a teapot.
The tea maker of a long-established store has put creativity, such as meshes of a net, form, etc. of a tea strainer, in order to make tea deliciously.
If the lid of a tea strainer is turned over, it will become a coaster of a tea strainer.
I can also use tea, herb tea, and Chinese tea as well as Japanese tea.
I can use a small teacup, a larger mug, or any sizes.
It is the feature that the forms of a lid and a main part are L.
Although the angle of L is different, when a finger is put into the portion, I am easy to have, and the portion also becomes a handle.
Even if a tea strainer inclines, since I am horned, I do not roll.
It is a design modern at a Japanese style.
Man and woman can use.
I can enjoy tea deliciously freely.

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