This borosilicate glass tea server includes a tea pitcher, inner infuser with glass holder, 4 double wall teacups, and a stainless steel serving tray with a pebbled silicone pad. Tea leaves are placed in the infuser, which is then placed inside the glass holder. This unit fits into a silicone seal on the pitcher. A small amount of hot water is poured into the tea leaves. Lift and tip the infuser for the tea to flow through several narrow slits and then through a fine mesh screen, removing all leaf debris. This first rinsing is then poured around the inside edge of the stainless steel tray. The second pouring fills the infuser, and the process is repeated. The unit can then be placed on the tray, and the lid placed on the pitcher in its silicone seal. The pitcher features a non-drip spout and a small air hole in the side for smooth pouring. Each cup has a Chinese character on the bottom, the Chinese elements: wood, fire, earth, and metal. The water symbol is not shown. The inner infuser seal is not silicone, but machined glass. No rubber or plastic ever touches the tea.

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