Purple clay teapot
Purple clay teapot is a symbolic object of Chinese Tea Culture.
Put the tea into the teapot, pour into boiling water, and then you can enjoy the tea.
Purple clay teapot is a kind of pottery. As a unique folk art in Yixing, China, the history dates back to the 15th century, using auxiliary equipment to set the mud embryo into specific shape of teapot, and this requires the great skill of the producers.
To make a circular shape teapot is relatively easy, but making a square shape teapot is far more difficult. Usually, a skilled master may need 3 days or longer to reproduce a square shape teapot.
If designing a new shape of purple clay teapot, will need a proper way building an internal hollow model, however, we can only shaping the model manually, which is a time-consuming work. Thanks to the new technology, now we can use 3D software to build models then amended, confirmed, printed a 3D model, it can definitely saving time and improving work efficiency. Our 3D printed model designing process of purple clay teapot is highly praised by traditional producers. Which establish a demonstration significance of developing Yixing traditional purple clay teapot technique.

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