The nanoheat PAD is a new innovative, chic and eco lifestyle product, effectively keeping tea and coffee warm for most enjoyable drinking with a low power consumption of merely 10W. The product is powered by our Green Innovation Award winning nanoheat technology and a world first transparent glass heater, where the world thinnest multi-layered heating element is built on the underside of a high strength transparent ceramic glass. The heating element is built in nano-thickness, which allows minimal material usage, thence significant material and energy savings on its construction and also maintains high transparency on its unique product design. The product comes with a chic and slim design with merely 15mm in thickness. Nanoheat is a novel heating technology, capable to achieve over 90% high energy efficiency and fast heating rate of 5 deg C/sec. It has won 5 major awards in the past 5 years in a row with 7 full technology patents and 2 full technology patents granted in US and Europe respectively. With the nanoheat technology, this high performance stylish cup warming device is created.

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