Daily drinkware is essential to our life. The MU series aims to provide sophisticated and warm drinking experience with everyday objects. In 2015 autumn, TOAST launched porcelain MU Teapot, representing unique tea experience with minimalist appearance. The teapot is designed for oriental loose tea leaves, which comes with a metal infuser, providing enough space for oriental tea leaves to wake up. The round shape of teapot symbolizes the good fortune of life and the tree-branch-like spout can stop the water smoothly. In Chinese, MU is the pronunciation of “Wood”. For MU drinkware collection, designer and craftsmen work together to create the real-wood-like texture with 100%porcelain.When people holds the handmade MU porcelain cup, it feels like holding a piece of warm tree bark. The unglazed surface gives you tactile sensation and the feeling of natural wood. The creation of MU Series needs efforts of both wood craftsmen and porcelain masters. The series presents not only the designers’ beautiful ideas, but also the esthetics of craftsmanship.

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