Concept of Gaiwan Jacket : To consider the convenience for users, Ateliea Tea innovates a “jacket” placing over the gaiwan as a buffer layer, thereby warm and non-scalding to the hands. Even a person who is not very skillful in drinking Chinese tea can hold a gaiwan without difficulty and enjoy the aromatic tea at its best temperature. Captions: Rich oriental-inspired designs invite you to appreciate the graceful lifestyle of traditional tea drinking. 1. Chinese coin window grille implies blessing for good luck. 2. The Autubiography, written by famous Tang-Dynasty calligrapher Huai Su, collected in National Palace Museum. 3. Natural ice crackles display the beauty of time. Features: 1. The jacket made by food-grade silicone which is also safe for health. 2. The elastic jacket is easy to wash and can be used repetitively. To use the gaiwan jacket: Step 1: Place the jacket from the bottom of the bowl. Step 2: Adjust the jacket and buckle it to the rim of the bowl. Step 3: Align the jacket opening with the cup to pour the tea.

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