Camino Electric Samovar was designed with regard to the needs of Turkish consumers. While original Russian Samovars have a large water tank, Camino Samovar includes two separate parts. In the lower larger part, water is boiled, while in the upper small pot, tea is brewed. Because Turkish Tea is prepared by pouring the brewed tea into glass first and arranging the strength of the tea by boiling water, second.

Samovar's water tank has a capacity of 3,0 Lt, while its teapot has a capacity of 1,0 Lt providing 35-40 Turkish cups of tea in total. Both parts are made of glass for hygienic reasons. The electronic samovar has both boiling and 'keep warm' functions. It also has 4 leds assembled in the plastic body which lightens the water tank when the samovar is on. Until the water starts boiling at 100°C the LEDs lit white. Once the water is boiled, the system switches to 'keep warm' function to stabilize the water temperature at 93°C degree and the LEDs turn red. A voice indicator alerts the user on the transition of all working phases. The design of Camino Samovar is reinterpretation of traditional Turkish samovars with modern design language, production technologies and materials.

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