The calabash tea pot is one of the most classic products to showcase the Chinese pot-making technology. Calabash gourds are distinguished by their fruitfulness and rapid adaptation to the environment and are symbols of blessing and happiness in Chinese culture. Many pot-making masters, therefore, prefer to make tea pots in the shape of a calabash gourd, a gift of nature. Like the tea ceremony, the blissful tea pots also have their deep cultural implication.
This tea set is a “redesigned” version of the traditional Chinese calabash tea pot.
Unlike conventional pot-makers, the designer has achieved a breakthrough by integrating the aesthetic and functional components of both the tea pots and cups, rather than purely focusing on the visual design. In other words, the design thinking process started with the way the tea set is put together. The design inspiration with the calabash gourd has been further expanded, giving birth to the space-saving idea of stacking up the cups. Rather than purely drinking utensils, the pots and cups are now parts of an integrated design. When assembled, they become an artwork filled with cultural implications.

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