The CALA tea collection offers a nuanced and elevated tasting experience. Each piece is designed with cultural understanding and technical precision to enhance steeping and tasting at a visceral level. The name, CALA, is inspired by the Calla Lily’s graceful flare.
The lines of the teapot flow continuously from handle to spout. The asymmetrical hip and wide body are engineered for uniform steeping. The handle is subtly sloped downward for natural balance in pouring, requiring only a slight rotation of the wrist as the spout extracts an even cup from the middle of the pot.
CALA’s teacups use technical principles to heighten experience: a flared lip distributes tea broadly over the palate and a wide mouth allows the surface to cool and delivers aroma with each sip.
The teacup and saucer interpret the traditional English teacup with modern style, using a sculpted handle for greater distance from the warmed tea in its elegant grasp.
Inspired by traditional Chinese Gaiwan cups, the tasting cup is ideal for delicate teas. A handle-less profile is minimal and intuitive: when the vessel is comfortable to touch, the beverage is ready to drink balanced easily between thumb and index fin

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