Babies grow so fast and need new products constantly, on top of this there are countless safety and health issues to navigate for parents! The key point behind Miniware is to last longer than short lived baby products while also being smart, safe, and healthy. Miniware features a clever silicone suction foot. When attached it provides stability so your child can learn to feed themselves, when detached Miniware becomes a great tool for transitioning into adult tableware; The solid weight of the product still provides a very stable eating experience so the child feels he can eat just like his parents. Miniware looks and feels similar to ceramics so it easily blends with existing tableware and is attractive to both parents and children alike, significantly increasing the life of the product! Another great feature of Miniware is that material which is made from natural bamboo and plant fibers, a much healthier alternative to Plastics or Melamine resin. It is also good for our earth and can be safely burned or broken down in soil just like plants.

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