The Idea The idea was to utilize two disruptive technologies to enable significant advances in design, surface finish, functionality and sustainability over existing melamine and plastic crockery. The first disruptive technology is the use of a new super-tough, high density material called Sorona® from DuPont™. Scratch resistance limitations of existing plastic plates are overcome with additives used on mobile phones. The collection is guaranteed unbreakable and dishwasher safe and is microwave safe for re-heating. Products made from Melamine are neither unbreakable nor microwave safe. The second disruptive technology is the use of 2-shot moulding to economically add an integral coloured non-slip ring and to enable a finish like fine bone china. Neither is possible with Melamine. The Design The sculptured surfaces are both beautiful to look at and to hold. The outside and inside shapes are subtly different. The collection is space efficient and stacks securely. The coloured non-slip ring adds personality and customization. Ecological Soundness Sorona contains 35% renewably sourced material derived from corn waste in Kentucky USA. Materials are 100% recyclable. Melamine is not

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