“Shiro Ao”,that means white and blue, is a series of Tobe ware, a representative porcelains of Ehime Pref., Japan. They are made for everyday dining of wide range of people keeping tradition of Tobe ware. Conventional designs are reviewed and updated to fit today’s lifestyle. “Shiro Ao” is easy to use and comfortable to hold. It is rather thick but feels light as it is well balanced. Wares have higher foot as characteristics of Tobe ware and it makes the ware stable. Also there are 2 lines of wares: stripes and patterns. Four patterns – lark, red sea bream, Japanese apricot and acorn are popular and representative items of Ehime Prefecture. For the line with patterns Japanese traditional pottery technique called “Sumi-hajiki” is used. Both lines come in different sizes and they are stackable. “Shiro Ao” aims to be not only the new standard of Tobe ware, but to make Tobe, a producing area of Tobe ware, develop continuously. Archiving techniques of each kilns, developing a relationship among the kilns, “Shiro Ao” proceeds to revive the local city and its industry that is different from the previous way of designing a product by collaboration with a famous designer.

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