Konstar has designed the Sauce Mavo series, unique, outstanding and eye catching piece with qualities such as: efficient mechanism operation; food graded materials made; easy open & close-top cover; easy clean and reassemble structure, in order to pursue and realize every household’s creativity and help them out in preparation for their own homemade sauces. Sauces making requires a lot of cut, chop and blend work. With Sauce Mavo, preparing homemade sauces could be a joy experience which hold the unit slanted, move back & forth on the surface, its energy saving and fast process. The Sauce Mavo chops and blends solids such as herbs, bulbs, leaves and a number of soft fruits and vegetables in a flash. Besides, without opening and closing the top cover, the user can observe the grading of the cuts through the transparent container, and add extra ingredients instantly anytime during the process.
“Beautiful flower needs flourishing petals and foliage to complete”. Same applies to food preparation and sauce making, in which “fresh and healthy” ingredients do sublimate delicious cuisine worldwide.

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