A pet is another name for family and companion. The ‘Pet Bowl’ is designed with many favorable engineering aspects that assist the pets to eat their food easily and safely. First, the ‘pet bowl’ adjusts its angle as the pet grows, which in turn enables to control the amount of food given. Moreover, the angle is scientifically adjusted to minimize the food loss during eating. Second, by using the glass made of environment-friendly material, the pet bowl keeps pets safe from dermatitis and maintains its sanity with unchanging color and smell. Although not definite, many incidents show that food utensils made of plastics are detrimental to the health of pets. The pets eating from bowls made of plastics are exposed to various contagious skin diseases, which leads to the secondary infections of their owners. Pet bowl is an ideal product that considers not only the health and comfort of the pets but also the convenience and safety of their owners.

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